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Due to swearing and people being really horrible, to the ladies that are on here. There are certain names that we know of like, Sophia and a bloke could Arun, who do nothing but swear and ate so vulgar to others. It would be better if there was a some kind of warning situation, that could be sent out to all these players. Just so this could curb some of this happening, because we have so many friends on here, who has left because of this. And they have now deleted this poker app, due to this problem!!!


If you re a decent player and know how to play within your bank and then play super conservative. You can do ok. I see so many players with no bank. That because there are trap after trap set by the algorithm. Also there seems to be game shills who either know what hands you have or know they are dealt t the winning cards. I was locked out of the lowest ring contest for months as they were trying to force me to play higher levels so the game could get me to lose more money faster so I would need to buy chips.

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